Cute Wars

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The metalab institute of Game Development presents: "cute pixel graphics with weapons"!

Fixen Namen gibts noch keinen (deswegen heißt das überall anders), aber es wird aktiv entwickelt ^__^.

Wie schauts aus?


Was isses?

work in progress: development updates & manchmal geupdateter python code (needs python & pyglet)

Was wird es?

Man nehme Metal Slug + Glory Days II + Worms + Clonk + eigene Ideen, mixt alles zu einer guten Suppe, verrührt das ganze, lässt es drei Jahre lang köcheln und bekommt...

Ein 2D jump'n'run schrägstrich strategiespiel mashup. Zwei Armeen versuchen bunker einzunehmen. Jeder Spieler steuert einen der Soldaten, kann Fahrzeuge benutzen und (später) Bauanweisungen geben. Die computergesteuerten Figuren sind nicht unbedingt schlau... aber viele. Das alles in ursüßer, quietschbunter retro-pixel grafik und hoffentlich eigenem soundtrack.

Und Multiplayer übers netz. Irgendwann. Wenn jemand oneup eine Eingebung sendet.


puit wars

die version an der gebaut wird. grafiken und so siehe oben.

72dpi army

glory days II / cannon fodder / pixelwar

mockup screenshot. needs better clouds. and probably better graphics (;
Patapon kopieren und Vektorgrafiken/Flash verwenden?
oder doch pixel?
  • you play a soldier in a 2d war, pick up items, enter vehicles, blow up stuff
  • rock-paper-scissor balance between unit types
  • flat landscape
  • "AI" controlled army (walk forward, shoot)
  • v1 units
    • soldier mg (captures buildings, good against soldiers)
    • soldier rocketlauncher (good against tanks)
    • tank (good against bunkers / jeeps, can only roll over soldiers... very vulnerable to rocketlaunchers)
    • helicopter (transport soldiers & items)
    • jeep (good against helicopters)
    • bunker (gives money, mg/rocket shoots out)
    • anti air turret (good against helicopters, obviously)
    • base (where you build stuff)
  • gameplay notes
    • make it a bit slower than glory days II.
      • stuff needs multiple hits to be blown up
  • customizable nations (flags, sound effects / speaker)
  • multiplayer (internet & on one computer - horizontal splitscreen)
    • build "nations" and let other people join
      • (idea) world map / global conflict mode-score-thingy?


  • cutscenes like in command and conquer
  • fractions
    • chinese sons of a bitches (are going down) use 'hokay, this is the earth' sample
    • plus russia (aaah motherland) use 'hokay, this is the earth' sample
    • against usa / (europe)

online mode

  • people found countries
    • name, custom sound samples, flags & camo
  • people can join other people's countries (eg the "united states of 72dpiarmy forum", "bob-omb army", ...)
  • nations can fight each other. depict as graphical thing on a website etc
  • keep statistics like GTA3 (walked miles, times in heli, shot bullets, etc)

gamer tag 2.0

  • xbox live arcad gamertag stuff
  • unlock achievements
  • see online profile
  • embed in other websites (forums, ...)

$$$ ideas for monetization

  • campaign - first x missions playable. the registered version unlocks all missions.
  • online mode - you can found own nations, but not upload every soundsample, plus only 3 people can join your nation. registered version removes this limit.
  • advertisement? hmmmmmmmmmmmmm..... neh. only if it can be added in a non-game-destructive way. also how to get rid of the in the registered version if they fit the game?
  • planned result
    • kewagi & flo make money for games and videos
    • people get another great game
    • everyone is happy.


  • build the basic engine, permit graphics mods (eg. graphics from "advanced wars")
  • enable different mods (people should be able to build their own units and swap them via an online marketplace thing)
  • dynamic landscape (laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaater. graphics... complicated... (; )
  • website that interacts with the online aspect of the game? (forum, score, "world map", ...)
  • vX units
    • artillery shoots from distance (really strong, but vulnerable to soldiers dropped off by a heli)
    • supply truck
    • medic
    • sniper
    • nukular [sic] bomb (target marker is planted by a soldier)



metal slug + worms

  • concise visual & audio style (minimalistic, gameboy tunes)
  • pixel soldiers run across a worms-like landscape. the whole game is very sparse with coloers; greyscale only (2-4 shades? + eventually red)
  • the more foes are on screen the higher your bonus multiplicator is
    • force the player to provoke risky situations to score high.
  • 320x200 + scale to fullscreen
  • knife, pistol, machinegun, heavy
  • use already existing pixelwar animations
  • eyecandy brass, blood

way way way later features

  • online score tracking
    • score together with friends as group (see desktop tower defense)
  • gameplay
    • force players to risk more to score higher (the more enemies on screen the higher the bonus. threat level)
  • social networks in games