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(NEW) 72dpi army

glory days II / cannon fodder / pixelwar

  • you play a soldier in a 2d war, pick up items, enter vehicles, blow up stuff
  • rock-paper-scissor balance between unit types
  • flat landscape
  • "AI" controlled army (walk forward, shoot)
  • v1 units
    • soldier mg (captures buildings, good against soldiers)
    • soldier rocketlauncher (good against tanks)
    • tank (good against bunkers / jeeps, can only roll over soldiers... very vulnerable to rocketlaunchers)
    • helicopter (transport soldiers & items)
    • jeep (good against helicopters)
    • bunker (gives money, mg/rocket shoots out)
    • anti air turret (good against helicopters, obviously)
    • base (where you build stuff)
  • gameplay notes
    • make it a bit slower than glory days II.
      • stuff needs multiple hits to be blown up
  • customizable nations (flags, sound effects / speaker)
  • multiplayer (internet & on one computer - horizontal splitscreen)
    • build "nations" and let other people join
      • (idea) world map / global conflict mode-score-thingy?
    • keep statistics like GTA3 (walked miles, times in heli, shot bullets, etc) for each player
  • $$$ ideas for monetization?
    • special online features (nations, statistics, ...) only if registered version?


  • build the basic engine, permit graphics mods (eg. graphics from "advanced wars")
  • enable different mods (people should be able to build their own units and swap them via an online marketplace thing)
  • dynamic landscape (laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaater. graphics... complicated... (; )
  • website that interacts with the online aspect of the game? (forum, score, "world map", ...)
  • vX units
    • artillery shoots from distance (really strong, but vulnerable to soldiers dropped off by a heli)
    • supply truck
    • medic
    • sniper
    • nukular [sic] bomb (target marker is planted by a soldier)


(OLD) PixelWar

metal slug + worms

  • concise visual & audio style (minimalistic, gameboy tunes)
  • pixel soldiers run across a worms-like landscape. the whole game is very sparse with coloers; greyscale only (2-4 shades? + eventually red)
  • the more foes are on screen the higher your bonus multiplicator is
    • force the player to provoke risky situations to score high.
  • 320x200 + scale to fullscreen
  • knife, pistol, machinegun, heavy
  • use already existing pixelwar animations
  • eyecandy brass, blood

way way way later features

  • online score tracking
    • score together with friends as group (see desktop tower defense)
  • gameplay
    • force players to risk more to score higher (the more enemies on screen the higher the bonus. threat level)
  • social networks in games