Cute Wars

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keep it simple! cut features! not time! cut features! CUT FEATURES!

  • pixel soldiers run across a worms-like landscape. the whole game is very sparse with coloers; greyscale only (2-4 shades? + eventually red)
  • the more foes are on screen the higher your bonus multiplicator is
    • force the player to provoke risky situations to score high.
  • 320x200 + scale to fullscreen
  • knife, pistol, machinegun, heavy
  • use already existing pixelwar animations
  • eyecandy brass, blood

Iteration #1

  • Landscape
  • move player around
  • shoot


  • classes
    • GameObject
      • Soldier
      • Bullet
      • Landscape (eventually don't store this in game object tree. how does one reasonably implement this? where's pygame on rails?)
    • Controller
      • Title
      • Loading
      • GameRunning

way way way later features

  • online score tracking
    • score together with friends as group (see desktop tower defense)
  • gameplay
    • force players to risk more to score higher (the more enemies on screen the higher the bonus. threat level)
  • social networks in games