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The Metalab has a nice and shiny Lazzzor from Epilog. Unfortunately, Epilog forces us to use their Microsoft Windows-only laser cutter drivers. In addition, they only support Corel Draw as an application from which you can run jobs (other tools might work but are not supported). BRM Lasers (model: brm 90130) and they provide a driver that seems to be quite awesome _but_ it is closed source and it is very complicated (way more like a cnc mill than the laser cutter we had). So for three reasons pwnschlager and me are going to port ctrl-cut to the new laser:

  • Ctrl-Cut uses a simple, well known workflow a lot of people already know. That limits their ability to fully control the machine in all its detail, but it also shields them from the complexity. So if you just want to do a quick laser job like you used to do Ctrl-Cut is choice.
  • We want the freedom to be able to fix bugs we encounter ourselves and workaround bugs in the original software and in the laser cutter itself. Also we want to be able to add new cool features.
  • RDCAM (the vendor driver) only supports dxf as vector format. we want pdf and svg.

Want to help?

Talk to amir or pwnschlager