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This is the Installation guide for Centric CRM.

Have fun

MM, Dataphone Ltd., 2007-08-09

Deploy Centric CRM, Community edition

The Centric CRM application is distributed in public license for:

  • Enterprise Edition (Stable release - precompiled WAR file, FREE - limited for 5 users, recent v4.1.2 2007-05-21)
  • Community Edition (source code free for download, v4.1.3 2007-06-04)

This Wiki deals about 2nd option, where exists no limits for number of users.


  • user registration at Centric CRM, goto "Community" section and then confirm inscription
  • download source code from, e.g. with Tigris Subversion SVN
  • platform:
* operating system: any - e.g. Microsoft Windows too
* database servers: many - Centric reference is PostgreSQL
* application server: some - e.g. jBoss, but Centric reference is Apache Tomcat
* Java VM: some, depends on Application Server - e.g. Sun Java 1.5 JRE
* server integration: SMTP server (Fax, XMPP, Asterisk, LDAP)
  • hardware:
* A sensible server for real use might be:
    A single dual core processor;
    2GB RAM;
    Disk to suit the purpose

Case study

Used hardware:

  • IBM Notebook R51, 1GB RAM with WinXP
  • DNS name: nb-mm

Used software:

  • jdk-1_5_0_06-windows-i586-p.exe
  • apache-tomcat-6.0.2.exe
  • postgresql-8.1.9-1.msi
  • (netbeans-6.0m9-full-windows.exe), where Apache Ant v1.6.2+ included

Steps for a successful installation:

1. install the Sun Java JRE 5.0

2. install Apache Tomcat 6 stable "Core"; depending on the total memory of your system, typically set Tomcat’s memory to half of the server using Tomcat’s configuration editor

3. stop the "Apache Tomcat" service

4. change Tomcat port to 80 in server.xml, disable MS IIS working at the same port

5. (obtain and install an SSL certificate to run Centric CRM on port 443)

6. install PostgreSQL 8.1

* Standard installation steps with Wizard installer ... TODO
* Define database with UNICODE encoding
* Create database name "centric_crm"; for username "centric_crm"
* User "centric_crm" should occupy full access controll to "centric_crm" database

7. install deploy Centric CRM

8. check the system environment settings

* JAVA_HOME=path, e.g. "c:\java\jdk1.5.0_06"
* JAVA_OPTS="-Xms256m -Xmx256m -XX:PermSize=64m -XX:MaxPermSize=128m"
* ANT_HOME=path, e.g. "c:\Sun\AppServer\lib\ant"
* ANT_OPTS="-Xmx192m -Xms192m"
* in Tomcat's configuration editor, increase memory to 256MB

9. in working source code directory, copy home.properties.example to home.properties

10. edit home.properties

* Map CATALINA_HOME to the Tomcat base directory, e.g. "c:/Tomcat 6.0"
* Map CENTRIC_HOME to "centric" in Tomcat's webapps directory,
  e.g. "c:/Tomcat 6.0/webapps/centric"
* Map CENTRIC_FILELIBRARY to a directory outside of Tomcat that will be used for
  storing Centric CRM data,
  e.g. "c:/Tomcat 6.0/webapps/centric/WEB-INF/fileLibrary"

11. run "ant deploy" to initialize the configuration paths and files

12. ant will instruct you to modify "build.properties" in the CENTRIC_FILELIBRARY path

13. make sure to read the instructions in build.properties and make sure to configure and uncomment one of the database connection types

* GATEKEEPER.DRIVER=org.postgresql.Driver
* GATEKEEPER.URL=jdbc:postgresql://
* SITE.DBTYPE=postgresql
* SITE.DRIVER=org.postgresql.Driver
* SITE.URL=jdbc:postgresql://
* SITE.USER=postgres
* uncomment PROPERTIES=configured line when finished making changes

14. run "ant deploy" to compile and install Centric CRM

15. run "ant installdb" to install the Centric CRM database

16. start Tomcat

17. using a browser navigate to the deployed Centric CRM for additional configuration options - populate webapps/centric (1st time use of Centric CRM web-application)

  • choose a language to continue: Deutsch
  • registration, new licence request or restore from existing backup - you obtain license key sent per e-mail
  • configuration in next 4 following steps:
I. Setup the file library
     * Target Directory: path, e.g. C:\CentricCRM\fileLibrary
II. Setup external servers (mail, fax)
     * Time Zone: GMT+1
     * Language/Locale: Deutsch
     * Country: AUSTRIA
     * Currency: EUR
     * Email Server: ...
     * Email Address: ...
     * Server URL: ..., e.g. nb-mm/centric
     * (LDAP Server - none)
     * (Asterisk Server - none)
     * (XMPP Server - none)
     * (Fax - none)
III. Setup the database
     * Type of Database: PostgreSQL
     * IP address:
     * Database Port: 5432
     * Database Name: centric_crm
     * Database Username: centric_crm
     * Database Password: ..., e.g. centric_crm
IV. Setup the Centric CRM administrative user account
     * Create administrator user
  • Compile JSPs

18. browser navigate, login and start to work