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COVID-19/en hat keine Unterseiten.

General information

Since Monday, 21.9.2020 an amendment to the Austrian COVID-19 regulation has been in force. Therefore the following rules apply at Metalab:


  • No visit of the Metalab if you notice or suspect symptoms of COVID-19!
  • A mouth and nose protection is required at Metalab. If necessary, suitable masks can be purchased at the vending machine.
  • Keep a distance of 1m to each other if possible.
  • Avoid physical contact with people who do not live in the same household. This includes hugging, shaking hands or even cuddling.
  • Stick to the usual corona protection measures (regular hand washing, do not reach into the face, sneeze or cough in the crook of your arm, etc.).
  • Depending on the attendence, windows should be open for ventilation. Especially on windless days we suggest active ventilation with a ventilator in the window.


  • Events at Metalab are limited to a maximum of ten participants.
  • Try to hold events remotely via Metalabs Jitsi or the BigBlueButton server if possible.

Contact tracing

  • When visiting Metalab, note your time of visit and keep these notes for 14 days.
  • Visitors are asked to leave a note with contact details and the time of their visit in an envelope with the date in the safe. This contact information is only for notification in case of COVID19 incidents, otherwise the envelopes will be destroyed unopened after 14 days.
  • In case of physical events, the person organizing the event must keep a list of the persons present with contact details. Suitable forms are available on the whiteboard in the main room or can be downloaded from the Wiki. The lists must be kept for 14 days and then destroyed.

We keep an eye on the relevant regulations and continuously evaluate the situation; these regulations are adapted as necessary.

Thank you for adhering to these measures!
Only if we all stick to it, we can provide safe hacking at Metalab.

If you have any questions or are unsure about these rules, please contact Core.png.

Additional informationen

Mouth and nose protection

The following protective devices are not considered adequate masks at Metalab:


Due to the current situation, special rules apply at Metalab for visits until further notice. They were enacted at 2020-08-12_Jour_Fixe and are therefore binding. As a visitor at Metalab you're asked to throw an envelope with today's date (outside) and a contact information (inside) into the Metalab safe. If Metalab is informed about a positive test that matches the time of your presence, you will be informed immediately. Otherwise we will destroy the unopened envelopes after two weeks. If you receive a positive test result yourself, please contact us as soon as possible.



As with all activities at Metalab, general rules such as distance, washing hands and similar apply to events.

Attendence list

In addition to the general rules at events, the contact details of participants must also be recorded. The registration is done decentrally by the member who organizes the event on a sheet of paper. After two weeks the member has to destroy the data. Should a participant contact the organizing member with a positive test result, the member must inform the other participants. Furthermore Core.png must be informed about the time of the visit. If there is a positive test result at the Metalab during the same time period, the member has to inform the other participants as well.

Template for events

The is a template for the attendence list: