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FreeCAD is a nice piece of software, but it is in development and there are many nasty bugs!

General hints on using FreeCAD

hints for using FreeCAD with the CNC (Path Workbench)

  • Go to Preferences --> General --> Units and choose "Metric Small Parts & CNC". It will use mm/min instead of mm/s which is a huge improvement
  • Beware of bugs in the Path Module. There are tons of errors related to edge cases in trigonometry. So if you see something crazy, just change the numbers slightly helps sometimes.
    • Be kind and report such bugs
  • Before you mill something, test it extensivly in the LinuxCNC Simulator!!! The Path module might generate code which is not useable, as the module itself is not stable.
  • The Path dressup tools are not in the normal toolbar. You have to go to Path --> Path Dressup in the menu bar!
  • When using holding tags, the postprocessor switches to vertical feed rate! be aware of that.
  • You can reorder operations in the CAM Module by double clicking on the Stock and go to the Workplan tab OR by double clicking on Operations itself. you get a menu to reorder

Workbenches that are very good and you should install