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This page descibes technical aspects of the CNC machine in more detail.

Stepper Torque

The torque of a stepper driver is not linear over the number of revolutions per second. It is nearly linear in the beginning but drops down at a specific point for each motor until it reaches zero. In our current setup we use Sanyo Denki 103h7126-0740 Motors, which are linear until about 1000 to 2000 steps/second. We are using 8 Microsteps, so the normal 200 steps per revolution (1.8 Degree step size) must be multiplied by 8, which gives 1600 steps per revolution. Now we can calculate the maximum speed for a axis by taking the steps needed per mm (266,6 on our machine) and divide it by the maximum steps per second we can do: 1600 [st/s] / 266,6 [st/mm] ~ 6mm/s with maximum torque. We can of course run much quicker (for example for G0 commands) but then the mill should not be in action! This aspect of a stepper motor means also: lower microstep setting allows higher speed and vice versa.