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All about CNC

Hier soll eine Sammlung entstehen von Links, Projekte, Dokus, Programme und alles andere die wir für eine ausführliche CNC Verständnis brauchen um richtige Profis(hacker) zu werden ;-)

Hat jemand was interessantes gefunden??....dann bitte hier bekanntgeben mit eine kurze Erklärung um was es geht.


We try to create a list of Free and OpenSource CAD/CAM Software here


  • LibreCAD OpenSource 2D CAD
  • QCAD very like LibreCAD (or LibreCAD is alike QCAD)
  • SolveSpace OpenSource Parametric 3D CAD (Works only under Windows, but Experimental Build for Linux and OS X are available)
  • OpenSCAD I think you know it already :)
  • Inkscape For some easy sketches, you can also work with this software (but Inkscape is not a full-blown CAD tool!)
  • FreeCAD OpenSource 3D CAD - Lot of Features, but still in Development



  • Autodesk Fusion 360 Free CAD/CAM Solution. Beware: Can only save to a cloud storage controlled by Autodesk! They have your data, so it is not really "free".

GCode Generators

PCB Design

These tools can be used to create PCB_CNC PCBs.


- ....

D.I.Y. CNC Projekte

- --> How to Make a Three Axis CNC Machine (Cheaply and Easily)

- --> The classic Zoltar CNC-Machine

- Selbstkopierender Rapid Prototyper


- --> Video-Selbstbauanleitung für eine Holz-CNC-Fräse mit Teilen aus dem "Bauhaus", Man braucht nur ne Hand-Bohrmaschine und ne Säge....

- --> TRON-CNC, die günstige CNC Selbtbau Portalfräse

- ...


- --> Grbl is a free, open source, high performance CNC milling controller written in optimized C that will run on a straight Arduino.

Projekte mit CNC

- ....


  • PCB CNC Making of Printed Circute Boards

Alles-in-Einem WebSeiten

Webseiten die alles beinhalten, von Software bis Projekte und weiter.





CamBam is at the moment the tool of choice for defining operations, tool path generation and gcode export. To a certain degree, it's also possible to use CamBam for design as well.

Note! CamBam is neither Free Software or freeware, but commercial software with a 40-time use evaluation license.

CamBam can import DXF.


Having a dxf done with all the cutting paths, camexpert can export gcode. Manual editing of the gocde is although necessary. Learning curve is not as steep as with cambam.

Design Tools

  • Inkscape: Produces SVG and has export options for EPS and DXF.
  • Adobe Illustrator: .ai files can usually be read by Postscript/PDF software and be exported as EPS.
  • OmniGraffle: Can export EPS
  • Mentor Graphics:
  • Eagle:
  • QCAD

Fileformats -> CamBam


Hier kommt eine liste von interessante dinge die halt nicht OpenSource und frei sind...also was kosten... aber trotzdem cool und brauchbar sind :)


Fräser und CNC Zubehör (Messwerkzeug, Spannmittel, ...)


- ....


- ....

Verwandte Seiten

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