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| [[User:Hetti|Pete]]
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| Führerschein B vorhanden

Version vom 6. August 2015, 08:15 Uhr

Language: English

Get your Camp ride

  • Do you have spare seats in your Car? Just put them down on the list for your trip TO as well as FROM the Camp.
  • Do you look for a seat? Then:
    • Look on the lists for a ride that suits you and still offers a seat.
    • Ask the driver if you can join in.
    • Add your name to the lists.
    • Keep in mind that there are separate lists for the trip TO as well as FROM the Camp.

All drivers and passengers are responsible for cost sharing and the like themselves. It's probaby a good idea to share fuel costs and provide the driver with sufficient amounts of caffeine but you have to figure that out yourselves.

Rides TO the Camp

Who Date leaving Vienna Seats offered Seats taken by Comment
Clemens 08.08.2015 2 wizard23, ??? Buildup Unit
Herbert 08.08.2015 2 Simon, Amir, stefan/cybercow Buildup Unit
Pontifex 12.08.2015 2 (ev. 3) Hetti, ???, (???) Citroën C4, Vöcklabruck (OÖ) -> (Linz) -> Wien Westbahnhof (ca. Mi 16:00) -> Brünn -> Prag -> Berlin -> CAMP
Georg 10.08.2015 0 (1?) N/A Wien -> Prag (2 days) -> Berlin

Rides FROM the Camp

Who Date leaving the Camp Seats offered Seats taken by Comment
Clemens 17. 08. 2015 2 Marius Teardown Unit
Herbert 17. 08. 2015 2 Simon, Amir, stefan/cybercow Teardown Unit
Pontifex 18.08.2015 2 (ev. 3) ???, ???, (???) Citroën C4, CAMP -> Berlin -> Prag -> Brünn -> Wien Westbahnhof -> (Linz) -> Vöcklabruck
Georg 18.08.2015 0 (1?) N/A
? ? ? ? ?

Who still needs a ride

You can add your name here if you wish to make yourself visible and declare that you still need a seat. But unless you havn't talked to a driver and put your name on the lists above, you won't get to the Camp!

Who Ride TO the Camp Ride FROM the Camp Comment
Pete 12.08. 16.08. Führerschein B vorhanden
Rene Schickbauer 9-12.08. 18-22.08. An/Abreisedatum flexibel, B-Führerschein vorhanden, muss relativ schnell wissen da ich sonst umplanen muss
Salve J. Nilsen 8-12.08. N/A Departure date is flexible. No return date to Wien (will travel elsewhere from Berlin). No driver's license.
DisplayName3 12.08. 18.08. /* no comment */
Name ?map ? /* no comment */
stefan as early as possible flexible would help build ub and packing
socialhack 11.8. (+/- 1 day) 18.8. (+/- 1 day) would help build up, can offer entertainment or silence during the ride, no drivers licence