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Orga for Leiwandville 5.0 at Chaos Communications Camp 2015

Orga Team

  • YOU!

Orga Mailing List - for all orga topics.

Orga ( Meeting

Meeting: in some free corner @ the Metalab

Initial Orga Meeting: tbd
Important Stuff - where we want to set-up the village, tents transportation... See discussion page for meeting details.

Buildup Unit

Folks who like to help with the buildup of our village.

Who Date Arriving Transport Device Comment
YOU 2015-08-12 (most likely)

Teardown Unit

Folks who will help with packing all things after the event.

Who Date Departing Transport Device Comment
YOU 2015-08-18 (most likely)



  • Still more blink needed!
  • Muuuch moar blink!
  • Even more blink, rly!1!112!

Copied from [OHM2013/Orga] needs to be verified

* Two tents from CCCamp2011 still available (Lounge and Hackcenter). 
  We have offers for some Party Tents but still can use more. 
  Possibly we can buy one more Pavillon like the ones we already have
* Separate Food/Kitchen/Breakfast Tent planned. Fridges available (AndiS and Metalab)
* Whateverlab mobile provided by [[User:wizard23|wizard23]], we have to take and set it up.
* Tables - we have table legs and will buy fitting  boards near the campsite (nearby PRAXIS DIY store)
* Tables - we will buy a few wallpapering tables at Hornbach
* Seating - folding chairs from the Metalab and peoples own chairs
* Lighting - We still have the flurescent tubes from the last camp plus some cabling (some more needed)
* Erwin can provide cabling for the high voltage connection
* Erwin can provide networking equipment for the Hackcenter plus uplink (4x24 Gbit switches)
* Blinking Spendometer, Projector, Linen.
* We have to bring the phonebooth
* We will take the pool if there is room



See main CCCamp2015 wiki page