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aus Metalab, dem offenen Zentrum für meta-disziplinäre Magier und technisch-kreative Enthusiasten.
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|  [[User:Sja|Simon]] || 2015-08-08/2015-08-17 || buildup/(teardown)  ||  Metafunk, Field Telephone
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Chaos Communication Camp 2015

  • The next iteration of the Chaos Communication Camp
  • When: From August 13th to August 17th 2015
  • Where: Ziegeleipark Mildenberg, Ziegelei 10, 16792 Zehdenick "near" Berlin (google maps)

Will there be a LeiwandVille ?

LeiwandVille im CCCamp2015 wiki

(Together with/next to r3ville (working title) from realraum?)

Hamradio Village in the 2015 Camp Wiki:


  • Telefonzelling (All) - Phonebooth with (fixed) Selfiebot and maybe finally a phone?? (may only need network, should be working)
  • Feldtelefone inkl. Vermittlungstelle (need more 2-Wire cable)
  • Amalettomat (Zwax) - Feinste Amaletten aus dem Roboter
  • Bubblewrap Lounge (Alle) - Muss man das erklären?
  • EME - Earth-Moon-Earth (Metafunk) - Signals to the Moon and back again.

We'll of course provide transportation for big project things (if somehow reasonable...)

Project Ideas

  • 24hrs Breakfast - As seen on previous camps. Need a few people to help out!

Cost ?

  • Most likely 30 Euros
  • means Transport, Leiwandwille - Zelt,Infrastruktur , Startgeld für 24h Breakfast/Food and Drinks
  •  !NICHT! Verpflegung für alle Tage (Essen, Trinken, Massage... all inclusive)


Camp inhabitants means of travel arrival/departure plans and projects?
leyrer tbd 2015-08-xx/2015-08-yy viele :D
Hetti/Pete tbd 2015-08-xx/2015-08-xx viele++ :D
Lippi car 2015-08-xx/2015-08-xx tbfd
Zwax tbd 2015-08-xx/2015-08-xx Amalettomat
cygenb0ck Skalarwellengenerator 2. Ordnung tba/tba tbd
Marius tbd tba/tba tbd
fbr tba buildup/teardown tbd
VT100 car/2015-08-xx/2015-08-1x buildup/teardown tbd
Jule tbd 2015-08-xx/2015-08-yy tbd
pl tbd 2015-08-xx/2015-08-yy tbd
Eisbaer tba buildup/(teardown) Metafunk tbd
lydschi car/2015-08-xx/2015-08-1x tba/tbd
AndiS 2015-08-08/2015-08-17 buildup/(teardown) Metafunk, Telefonzelling
Herbert car/2015-08-xx/2015-08-1x buildup/(teardown) Metafunk
phaer tbd tbd/tbd maybe a custom PBX for the phone box, most likely other stuff too
stefan T.A.R.D.I.S. (from Graz) tbd/tbd [redacted]
Clemens Vortex Manipulator buildup/(teardown) Metafunk, tbd
Columbia19 tba tba/tba tbd
Mento tbd tbd tbd
Simon 2015-08-08/2015-08-17 buildup/(teardown) Metafunk, Field Telephone
DisplayName T.A.R.D.I.S. tba/tba tbd

Bus travel

There might be a bus driving from Linz to the Campsite that may come by Vienna to pick up people. No details yet, stay tuned!

Ride Sharing

Get to the Camp by sharing a car.

If you have a car and want to offer seats or if you need a ride. - Add yourself to the Ride Sharing page.