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Version vom 16. Juni 2011, 23:05 Uhr

Chaos Communication Camp 2011


Orga Meeting

2. meeting: Tue 7. June 2011 at 20:00

All interested parties are invited to throw-in their ideas. We'll consider ways and means regarding

  • transportation
  • infrastructure (village, tents, food, equipment)
  • projects, projects, projects
  • blingbling (art & beauty & light)
  • financing
  • 42 and everything


// Projects

Project Moonbounce

Radio communication over a distance of at least 2 light-seconds using the Moon as reflector. Anyone interested in actually talking to him/herself? We can do that - you're welcome.

Project Plunger

Developer: cavac

"Unclog your internet tubes!". This is a Website based on Maplat specially crafted for LeiwandVille. I can bring the software (and do all the work) but i travel by train: Could someone lend me a server (min. 4 Cores, 8 Gig Ram, 1TB HD)?


Developer: cavac

I wrote my own software to capture timelapse videos as well as time exposure shots.. See me [Youtube Channel] (the videos marked with "LiquidTime").


Developer: Zwax

an automatic pancake maschine! [alert the internets video on youtube]

// Project Ideas

Spaghetti Monster Follow-up

After the success with the airborne glowsticks project (instantly dubbed the Flying Spaghetti Monster on launch) at HAR2009, I'm eager to discuss and launch another larger project at the CCCamp. No ideas yet, but I'd like to see a combination of some of the following: airborne, lighting, blinking, huge, complexity through organization of _lots_ of simpler objects, interactive?. Needs brainstorming, funding (the HAR project was ca. 500 EUR I think), prototyping, design, building. Alpha-testing at Stadtflucht 2011 is prob. a good idea. (MariusKintel 14:22, 20. Aug. 2010 (CEST))

  • I did which was flying and had the chance to blink if I wanted it. HElium was the main ingrdients. This is an expensive and depleting natural resource, so I would hesitate to use HE again, rather go for a loooong stick or a quadcopter --leobard 13:28, 30. Sep. 2010 (CEST)
  • I'd be in with brain and hand for another Flying Spaghetti Monster mind

Swarming quadrocopters

  • How expensive is it to build simple swarming quadcopters? Maybe out of PCBs. What about a near space mission, I'd be interested in trying looooong distance wlan shooting using a mesh node in near space --Mihi 16:13, 30. Sep. 2010 (CEST)
    • A much more interesting question would be: How much research and development does it take to build simple swarming quadcopters ;) After that, battery capacity would in any case be a major issue. ..and of course atmospheric pressure eventually. I've seen some companies researching miniature copters, but they all keep their IP (and physical hardware) close to their chests. MariusKintel 18:39, 1. Okt. 2010 (CEST)
    • Indeed, however there are the DIYdrones folks who seem to have some quadcopter autopilot stuff running. However we want to scale it down (IMO). Could we try to get auto piloting quadcopters first? Or quadcopters at all (I know there is one around in the lab). --Mihi 13:39, 2. Okt. 2010 (CEST)
    • I've got a quadrocopter at the lab. Needs new batteries, plus it's not too easy to control, and not auto piloting. I believe Funkfeuer has one as well. check, who do open source control electronics, and who do proprietary "shared source" stuff. The "scale down" part and the positioning awareness needed for swarming is what would require significant amounts of R&D IMO. MariusKintel 15:18, 3. Okt. 2010 (CEST)


Build a dome as the main tent / bar for the Leiwandville 3.0 village.

Seekrit food project

My better half and I have an idea for a project involving selling food. This is not for profit, just for the artistic value, but it still needs to be sold to make the project work, plus people must want to buy it (will be fixed by it tasting good and being surprisingly cheap). To do this, we'd have to be allowed to sell limited amounts of food (at irregular hours) from our own food stand. The project also involves an amount of viral marketing on-site, but that should be doable to pull off. Task #1 is thus to check with CCC under what circumstances we can handle the food sales. (MariusKintel 21:00, 31. Aug. 2010 (CEST))

  • if not sales - trade against objects the "consumers" have? could allow you to circumvent selling regulations ;-) --leobard 13:28, 30. Sep. 2010 (CEST)

Vintage Data Toilet

We could build a Data Toilet (the old acoustic coupler thing) for the Phone Cell. Including a Mailbox to have a station to connect to.... Zem 11:32, 19. Mai 2011 (CEST)

Sausage Charger

(draft) An electrical multi-sausage roaster(?) in the style of a battery charger. (eg. insert sausage, close lid, press charge and wait 10-30 sec)

  • cool housing for ~4 sausages with independent lids
  • polarity/resistance check ('is this really a sausage?')
  • overcharging protection (aka temperature-controlled power-off)
  • 230/110V isolating transformer for slow/fast charging (and security)

who: datacop if time allows



System to capture finger and hand movements

More improvements to come

Who: Mononofu and Zuckaschnegge

Project Fountain

Blinkenlichten + Water made by Vandebina

Village deko with RGB LED strips

cheaper alternatives, but without exact specs: (same chip though) - that's the supplier I ordered from.

most likely the same as from adafruit 55 euro / 5m + 20 euro shipping

ok, I just ordered 20 meters from China. Let's hope it works out as expected :) --Mononofu 20:07, 8. Jun. 2011 (CEST)


Camp inhabitants - means of travel - arrival/departure - plans and projects?

Verpflegungsflatrate: 30 EUR

  • means Transport, Leiwandwille - Zelt,Infrastruktur , Startgeld für 24h Breakfast
  • !NICHT! Verpflegung für alle Tage (Essen, Trinken, Massage... all inclusive)
  • TIPP für alle, die im Zelt schlafen: Rettungsfolie mitnehmen, um Tagesstern-Strahlung abzuwehren!!!

  1. Vandebina Flug/Zug/Auto/Pferd... weiss noch nicht
  2. consti Autoooooo
  3. mind Zug/Auto/Flug ... (wir brauchen mehr blitze)
  4. dReaa
  5. Herbert auf 4 Rädern
  6. Eisbaer
  7. jain7th
  8. superhet mit Auto, 1 Sitzplatz frei, genau Abfahrt Tbd
  9. Marius
  10. && kyrah Teleportation if all go as planned
  11. datacop
  12. Zem Auto 7 sitzplätze + fahrer
  13. Lydschi Auto mit Atrox+Telehans
  14. Atrox Auto mit Lydschi+Telehans
  15. Telehans Auto mit Atrox+Lydschi
  16. PK - außer die Arbeit lässt es nicht zu
  17. scripty Reichsflugscheibe
  18. AndiS Transporter + 2t Hänger (Aufbauteam/Transport)
  19. hubertba 2. Fahrer Transporter
  20. cygenb0ck Pursuit Special
  21. fin
  22. & eli | TBD
  23. ra Teppich
  24. cavac Train&Bike
  25. citizen428 hat Autoplatz erschnorrt
  26. lippi Auto mit Citizen428+Consti+Bons+...+...
  27. ndrst Autoplatz mit citizen428 erschnorrt
  28. mzeltner schon vorher in Berlin, bike tour to Finowfurt anyone?
  29. Leo
  30. Phantasus
  31. & Mihi mit ihren Fahrrädern
  32. bicyclemark hitching a ride from Berlin I hope.
  33. Horst JENS mit Bahn
  34. c3o ist dabei, hat aber noch keinen Plan
  35. socialhack on it, needs a oneway ride from Vienna
  36. maciej Bahn/Flugzeug
  37. Zwax (Aufbauteam)
  38. Mononofu mit Wohnmobil, nimmt Zuckaschnegge mit.
  39. Zuckaschnegge mit Mononofu
  40. Lacrima
  41. fbr ( Schiene || Luft )
  42. markus