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The C64 Direct-to-TV, called C64DTV for short, is a single-chip implementation of the Commodore 64 computer, contained in a joystick with 30 built-in games ([1]).

The joystick can be bought at Conrad (but I've also seen it at Zielpunkt) for ~25 Euros.

This is an amazing piece of hardware, but comes with a few weaknesses:

  • Only 1 joystick, no support for two-player games
  • Only a limited selection of games
  • The quality of the joystick itself is far from the gold standard (Competition Pro)

..so let's remedy this:

Project Overview

The goal is to add ports for two external joysticks, a PS/2 keyboard and a disk drive (1541 compatible).

Part List

Parts, Conrad part numbers and total price in Euros:

  • 2x SUB D-Stiftleiste 9 polig 742066 1.14
  • 1x Mini-DIN Steckdose 738422 1.73
  • 1x DIN Einbaubuchse 6-polig 738166 1.20
  • 2x Buchsenleiste 32-polig 740438 2.30
  • 1x 5V 7805 Spannungsregler 179205 0.65
  • 1x 100 uF Elko
  • 2x 100 nF Kondensator