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Recently we got this HUGE led walls.

we disassmbled the monster and now we got ~300 led modules

each 8*9 pixels each pixel consisting of 5 leds = 360 red leds / panel times ~300 panels equals 90.000 leds++ :) we dont know how tp power them yet :)

1 modul
4 module chained

Doku der pins

  • POUT EQU CENTRO ;the leftmost module will be connected to the POUT-port
  • ATTENTION! The bit positions must not be changed!
  • 8V, 5V, 12V, GND sind auf unseren boards NICHT bestückt mit pins.

pin number function unsere kommentaore
1 data/clock ? comes back out here (rückleitung schebereigster) wurscht
2 data/clock ? comes back out here (rückleitung schebereigster) wurscht
3 DatLoad EQU 0 ;data bit for loading data and control data wurscht
4 ClkRing EQU 1 ;clock for shift left the whole line CLOCK !!
5 ClkLoad EQU 2 ;clock for shift left & loading all selected modules wurscht
6 ClkBlink EQU 3 ;clock for blinking (, 1...on) selektrierte spalte blinken
7 ClkSteu EQU 4 ;clock for shift left & load control data from DatLoad wurscht
8 DatRing EQU 5 ;data bit for loading data during ClkRing DATA !!
9 Reset EQU 6 ;clear all control data wurscht
10 OnOff EQU 7 ;turn on/off the whole display (, 1...on) turns off ALL the leds when pulled to ground

when connecting ONE single panel the following pins need to be connected on the output side:

PIN 1 -> PIN 8 PIN 2 -> PIN 3