Blinkentunnel 2.0

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Blinkentunnel 2.0

  • the successor of the famous Blinkentunne; project
  • is located at the passway between our mainroom and the entrance room
  • there are 18 acryl sticks mounted on the ceiling, with 12mm WS2801 Pixels mounted on each side and shining inwards
  • they are controlled from an ESP8266 custom made PCB with a custom firmware that supports ARTNET


We built the original Blinkentunnel 7 years ago using Shiftbrites and an Arduino using the atmega168.

Today we got fully integrated digitally controllable leds and WIFI based boards the size of a thumbnail.

When redplanet tried to fix the old installation it became clear that we should replace the leds and that lead to also replacing the ancient controller with something modern.

So Overflo spent a long weekend designing a little PCB and writing some custom firmware for the ESP8266 based board he made and called the result Blinkybutton The setup Boots in ~3 seconds and diplays a classic rainbow animation.

It tries to connect to the WLAN and if that fails it opens its own Accesspoint called ARTNET-NODE_26_?

When you connect there it opens a captive portal configuration interface where you can setup the parameters like:

  • WLAN to connect to
  • Password
  • ARTNET universe ID (currently set to 3)
  • ARTNET OFFSET (currently set to 0)
  • Static IP Address (unconfigured , it uses DHCP)
  • Static Gateway (unconfigured , it uses DHCP)
  • Static Netmask (unconfigured , it uses DHCP)

Once it is connected to the network it continues to display the rainbow animation but it also waits for ART-net data to arrive and display that instead of the rainbow.

It returns to displaying the rainbow when there is no data received for >5 minutes.


  • Overflo - idea, electronics, soldering, firmware
  • redplanet - idea, soldering
  • ente - soldering, assembly line
  • min - soldering, assembly line
  • nico - QLC+ setup, effects, installation


Firmware @ github




Kabelsalat ist gesund (Assembly session)

References / Links

  • WS2801
  • ESP8266
  • Blinkybutton (hackerspaceshop)