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die 100 spiele-highlights am c64!

Armalyte Airborne ranger Alter ego: male Antiriad Archon Archon 2 Aztec challenge Alternate reality: the dungeon Bards tale Barbarian Bmx simulator Blue max Boulder dash Bubble bobble Bruce lee Buggy boy California games Creatures 2 Championship sprint Druid Druid 2 Defender of the crown Dropzone Elite Eye of the beholder Everyones a wally Frankie goes to hollywood Ghost busters Gunship Giana sisters Ghost n goblins Green beret Gryzor Gyruss Heart of africa Head over heels Hanse H.E.R.O Hypaball IK+ Ikari warriors IO Impossible mission Imperium galacticum Jumpman Kickstart 2 Katakis Kaiser Loderunner Last ninja Last ninja 2 Little computer people Law of the west Labyrinth Master of magic Mercenary Mail order monsters Monty on the run MULE Maniac mansion Mission elevator Microprose soccer Neuromancer Nemesis Nebulus Pitstop 2 Platoon Pirates! Portal Pool of radiance Paradroid Project firestart Psi-5 trading corp. River raid Rally speedway Rambo 2 Raid over moscow Rainbow islands Space taxi Spy hunter Sentinel Summer games 2 Spy vs spy Solomons key Skate or die Turrican Turrican 2 Thrust Tetris They stole a million Uridium Ultima 4 Wizard of wor Who dares wins 2 Wizball Worldgames Wintergames Wasteland Yie ar kung fu 2 Zack mcKracken