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Stefanie Wuschitz
uses interactive technology to build mobile sound and video
installations site-specifically encouraging the construction of unique
social and collaborative spaces. Her current focus is on subversive
public art produced by women with wireless technology. She was one of
the organizers of the international festival 'Eclectic Tech Carnival' in
Umea/Sweden and founder of 'Miss Baltazar's Laboratory'= weekly
workshops on Open Source Software, Arduino, art techniques as e.g. laser
cutting, wearable technology and circuit building (currently based at
Metalab/Vienna) as well as led the following workshops:
Mobile-hack-day, Supersimple Robots Workshop at Letni dilny
Cistirna-Prague, XBee Workshop at OKNO Bruesseles,
Mobile Processing Workshop, Stockholm, Sweden and many other.
She graduated with honors from the University of Applied Arts Vienna in 2006 
and did her Masters at New York University's Interactive Telecommunications Program in 2008.