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sebastian sauer

Oh my he's a lyrical liar
His head should be shoved in a fryer

As his ears crackle and smoked
I'd grin smugly all stoked

And crank the heat
just a bit higher.

Oh my he's a filandering fool
With ignorance on how to be cool

    i am: lyrical liar
    my humor: even dryer
            < than yours :->

       my style:
sometimes Guile
 && it wasn't e.e.c. that made it  crisp,
                     rather it was LISP!

      (yeah, i like to defun(just_for_fun))

/me is a filandering fool
with ignorance on how to be cool

random_human_person(): uhm, ah.. cummings didn't do it for ya.. i see.
                     gotcha! i do, in C .-)

at times i'm a code monkey
writin' funky || doin' junky.

some vim-py pimps call /me: fsck'ed up fool!
                         but relax, my tool
                         is EMACS
     (BTW, GNUs don't need no wax
     (polished as they're))
I'm luser - a Linux User.

 copyleft: 2003. all rites reversed.
 take it all in, check it all out. scum sucks? starbucks' does.
 don't fuck for bucks. hi-jack some xerox machines or jack off.
 $ copy cats, why not distribute the disputes? fanks, $!? meow.

                          "You can always find what you're not looking for."