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== Whois philleb.local ==
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My name is [[Bild:Philleb_rl_name.png]], born in June 1994. I currently study at the Multimedia School "die Graphische" in Vienna. I love art, tech, music and everything else.<br/>Sometimes I slack at the Metalab. My Actually Project is the Rusty Box, a 15" Terminal in a self made metal box. <br/> You can contact me via [ Phone], [ Mail], sometimes you could reach me on the official Metalab-[[Jabber]] list, but no guarantees. I don't like to use any chat client because nil of them are 'secure' enough for me.<br/>I'm listed [[DTD_Counter|DTD]], against my will.<br/>
Userpic Source []<br/>
My "blog" is available on my [ a ɹ t soup].
== Projects ==
*'''IR-Jammer'''<nowiki>*</nowiki> The IR-Jammer is based on a 555-Timer and a potentiometer. Currently not tested, but it should work.
*'''The Rusty Box'''<nowiki>*</nowiki> Currently it stucks because I dont have the abilities to weld parts of the box. Also a transformator from 12 Volt to 18.5V is missing.
*'''Light Bulb Hacks''' <nowiki>*</nowiki> I love the idea of LEDs in a classical Wolfram-lightbulb. But I am on it.  
*'''[[DTD_Counter|DTD v2 with automated counting software]]''' more information coming soon
<nowiki>*</nowiki>not finished jet.
== Future ==
I am still a novice programmer, still deciding wether to start with ruby, C++ or ObjC.<br/>[ stream]

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