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'''I'm a quantum keymember.'''</big>
'''I'm a <strike>quantum </strike> keymember.'''</big>
=== Interests ===
=== Interests ===

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Not all those who wander are lost. I am though.

Hackerberg ortstafel.jpg

Born in Vienna I lived most of my live in the general Oberwart area in Bgld. After finishing my education at HTL Pinkafeld I moved back to Vienna to study Computer Science.

I'm a quantum keymember.


  • Hacking Hacking: Using more exotic tools like razorblades for daily tinkering
  • Technik, Chemie, Atomkraft, Physik
  • Electronics and microcontrollers
  • Theoretical survival: What do I take with me on a daily basis to cover my bases in case of an emergency?
  • Programming (C, C++, Java, Python, Go, JavaScript)
  • Random trivia


  • RESTful Webservices: More of an "I can" than an "I want to" though
  • Android Apps: a.k.a. visualizations for databases
  • Random knowledge about the weirdest things
  • Inside knowlegde about rural living
  • Database (No/SQL) foo and magic
  • Math and magic using Maxima


  • Jabber: nick (ät)
  • Email: crash (ät) crashc (dot) at
  • The WEL box with my name on it may be abused as a mailbox.