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Name: Mynnia

q) shy, not grumpy. say hello, tell me a story
w) wants to be able to survive far from civilisation and money - to learn that, you need money
e) doesn't know what direction to take; dabbles in everything, knows nothing
r) likes to lurk and silently muck about
t) is constantly amazed
y) just started sewing
u) will have a revolution one day UPDATE: whoops
i) favourite pasttime: thinking about how thinking works
o) and how people and other animals work and why
p) what are those hands for anyway?
a) communication is harder the more you learn about communication
s) lab-related skills and tasks: mainly cooking, lending hands (and getting them back), h/bugging people, discussing ('nay', 'aye', and 'why?'), recruiting
d) maybe I only learn new words for old news
f) wow, leaves are amazing!
g) wow, people are amazing!
h) wow, bugs are amazing!
j) wow, amazement is amazing!
k) love exists, because you feel it