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<div style="text-align:right; font-size: .9em;">''If you are walking on thin ice, you might as well dance'' - [ kyrah] </div>
Карин Коэина vka [ kyrah] vka ''al-kira'' vka كرا
Computer graphics [ PhD student] at TU Wien, pyromantic, cognitive dissident, geek, adventurer, hacktivist. Runs [ OpenGL workshops] at the lab every other year. Makes the best Arabic coffee outside of Syria. Listens to music that normal people consider noise; if properly inspired, will dance until dawn. Played through the Great Giana Sisters once (without cheating). Home base: Riyadh.
Random observations for your procrastionation pleasure available on [ Twitter] and [ Soup].

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If you are walking on thin ice, you might as well dance - kyrah