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* [[Benutzer:Kay|kay]] +1 (.. and I'll proudly be wearing [ this]!!)
* [[Benutzer:Kay|kay]] +1 (.. and I'll proudly be wearing [ this]!!)
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* [[Benutzer:step|step]] +1 (80% probability)
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* .. you?

Version vom 1. Februar 2011, 21:46 Uhr

TRON: Legacy - group viewing!?!

I called the cinema today and confirmed that tickets are €11.50. I was advised to reserve tickets right away, so I did just that, i.e. we got 10 tickets (for now).


A group viewing of the English original version of TRON: Legacy.


At Apollo cinema in the 6th district (because it is rather central & has a pretty big screen for 3D screenings).


On Wednesday, 2 February 2011 at 5.45pm (17:45).

How (much)?

If I interpreted Apollo's IMAX price list correctly, tickets are €11.50 each, but I'll give them a call tomorrow (Saturday) anyway just to make sure! I'd also be the one placing the reservation for the whole group and picking up all the tickets that are paid for by Wednesday (I guess it'd be easiest if everybody just put their share into my drawer @ Metalab until Tuesday evening? Otherwise I suppose I could just have the cinema hold the not-yet-paid-for tickets until 5.15pm on Wed).


Because I had this idea of a whole bunch of fellow geeks/TRON fans whom I actually know or at least have seen/read before sitting in the same cinema as me, with us all being "OMG, yeah!" and stuff together. :D

What else?

Mmm, it'd be awesome if we could smuggle some bottles of Club Mate into the cinema! ;P That and homemade popcorn.

I'd really love for this to become a HUGE group viewing, but will also organise it for as few as 10 people. So.. who else is in?

  • kay +1 (.. and I'll proudly be wearing this!!)
  • step +1 (80% probability)
  • jain7th +1 (pretty sure)
  • .. you?