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where to get stuff in vienna (and austria), a small little list that might get larger

feel free to expand on your own

please mark somehow if the company only sells to business customers

leather mostly small patches of all kinds of leather, for a small amount they asked me for a "donation", usually it's by kg i think

asking Producers of leather furniture for leftovers (IE appel)

balls and handles Made from Metal, Glass, Plastics, also precision balls for bearings etc.

tubes has a great selection of silicon, ptfe and other tubes. also see haberkorn.

general industry suppliers

  • no prices in the online shop, but sells to private customers in their physical-shop at Modecenterstraße. generally expensive, but good quality and large portfolio. small selection ("tags"): tubing, work clothing, linear motion, aluminum extrusion profile, seals, gears, tools
  • Metalab has an online account

aluminum extrusion profiles listed again, because the category is hard to find (see also general industry suppliers) has a selection of aluminium profiles. they also has a "restebox" where you can get stuff cheap

non-ferrous metal Aluminum, brass, copper, Niro, stainless steel in all kinds of forms; sells to private, also sells leftovers and scraps by weight

plastics (POM (Delrin), PA, HDPE, PTFE) haven't been there, but is reasonably close to central vienna (metalab) no prices, but seems to stock many kinds of plastics


Schrauben Clausen has everything :) be detailed when you order things (don't say i need a M5 Screw, say M5x12, zylinderkopf, rostfrei verzinkt, imbus)

CNC / mills

  • Flies nähe Votiv Kirche hat auch Fräser, allerdings ebenfalls keine für PCB
  • Heiz Maschinen (von denen ist unsere CNC) hat auch Fräser und zubehör
  • Gühring, hat auch eine Filiale in Wien - sind aber rel. teuer
  • see also Spiral

need to order over internetz

  • Sorotec hat CNC Zeug, Fräser und alles mögliche. Liefert sehr schnell zu recht guten Preisen
  • AS-Toolstore Händler für Fräser (<1mm) etc (recht günstig)
  • Datron bietet spezielle PCB Fräser an. Kostenpunkt 11.60 excl bzw 16.50 für Diamantcoating