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Edmund Humenberger


Startups, people, social Networks-of-Trust, Nutzenschöpfung durch Technologie, Open Source, assoziative Datenbanken, Dokumentenmanagement, Filesysteme, interacive LED, walkable CAVE, Software Defined Radio, User Interface Konzepte, cool electronics (rangecam, xmax, mesh-networking,) artificial live, mobile audio-on-demand, anonymous single-sign-on, smart-telephony

possible contributions

Ich kann Sponsoren auftreiben (aber nicht alles was cool ist, ist auch für einen Sponsor interessant)

current activities :

sales and project manager for software company

past activities:

1992 Uni-Linz Linux-User-Group

1994 ein kostenloser email Dienst für Modemzugang mit WEB und Terminalinterface

1994-1995 technical head Ars Electronica festival

1995-1997 organised several Open Source conferences in Austria and Germany

1995-1997 various things at atnet and VBS

1997-1999 implementation of

1997-1999 g.a.m.s. Software GmbH head of open-source-services departement

1999-2002 .com startup eulox together with SAP, Berteslmann and Allianz

2002-2003 anonymous-online-payment-system

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Klassentreffen.n5b.2007 IG Startup CentricCrm