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web site/blog

interests: science in general, physics, astronomy, photography, web culture, wireless networks...

ask me about: physics, astronomy, LaTeX (you have a dirty mind if you think the capital letters are unnecessary), English, ...

how to contact me: via e-mail (the first part is "info", guess the domain) or have a look at this page


If you happen to be interested in astronomy, contact me!

Also, if you'd like to observe something (check Heavens-Above or CalSky) and think that the weather will be nice and clear (ZAMG has a good weather forecast and satellite images, the Czech Weather Radar is also helpful), drop me a line, give me a call, whatever and I might be able to take you to one of Vienna's cool observatories!

Some of my nicer amateur astrophotographs are on flickr.


Venus and Devil's Marbles in Australia (c)Dan


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