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Name: Rene Schickbauer

Job: Sysadmin, Software developer at Magna Powertrain Ilz


Past Projects

  • BlinkenSisters
  • BlinkServ (blinkenlights streaming suite)
  • Grumpfzotz Linux
  • Hacking the r0ket at Camp2011
  • ...

Current Projects

  • Maplat (Webserver+Admin Suite+Chipcard-Services+Remote Installation Services+Radius-Server+Mail-Server+CPAN Server+Wikileaks Cables-Database+Log-all-kinds-of-stuff Suite+...)
  • my electric bike
  • writing a few demos for [] like [this christmas demo]

Future Projects

  • (not yet released) at OHM2013
  •  ???
  • World Domination

Safety Notice

The individual concerned is a software hacker only and is considered a safety hazard around soldering equipment and other hardware hacking stuff. For your own safety, keep him away from your hardware hacking equipment at all times!

But if you need someone to mess with databases, big data sets or can fluently speak HTTP, this is your guy!