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Why use electronic components merely for their ability to conduct electricity in various ways? We can use the beauty and simplicity of electronic components to achieve other goals; e.g. art, decoration, jewelry.

Implemented ideas


Resistor based spider web

This is a web build from 142 resistors, soldered to one another into a spider web like configuration. It consists of 5 radial threads connecting the web to the environment and 6 concentric "rings".

Resistor necklace

Minimalistic necklace build from a chain of resistors. The wires of each resistor are twisted to form a loop which is used to chain them together.

This unisex necklace has been successfully beta tested at Fx50!!! and a formal Christmas party

New Ideas

  • Add an IC, capacitor or other larger component to the necklace as a pendant.
  • Extend the concept into the domain of functionalism: Wearable working circuits.