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English workshop

Good English skills are considered self evident within the Hacker community (and in many other situations as well), but not everyone is as firm with the language as she/he would like to be. Especially when it comes to spoken English, some might appreciate more practicing.

If anyone is interested in improving his/her English skills, please attend the English workshop!


We plan to simply meet and talk about random topics in English, as well as reading some English literature. Participants with better knowledge of the language will support others or help to explain the texts read if necessary.


A list of literature we intend to read and discuss:


  • The cat in the hat (by Dr. Seuss)
  • How to be an alien (by George Mikes)


A list of english Poems.

Useful web links


Ideas of other topics we might talk about:

  • Talk about plans going further than a simple workshop (language barrier free-day, language diversity JF)
  • Finding more literature and films for the English workshop
  • Last year, I held a Git Workshop. It was a basic introduction and we stopped when a discussion about project management and work-flow started. If there is interest, a group discussion about software development work-flow best practices could fit here, too.
  • Why is English currently the preferred language for international communication? Why are we all learning English, but not Esperanto?


See also log about past meetings

January 16, 2013

7pm/19:00 Metalab, Hauptraum

January 8, 2013

7pm/19:00 Metalab, Hauptraum