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A regular meetup of people interested in DevOps.

DevOps is kind of a new sysadmin buzzword for ways to close the gap between software development and operations; it's what happens when agile development spreads to the server room. We meet to discuss culture, processes, tools and trends that contribute to this field.

DevOps — slides from introductory lightning talk at Metaday #36

There is a mailing list for announcements and discussions.

Next meetup

Tue., 2011-09-27, 19:00, Metalab Main Room


  • git-flow, a successful branching model – japhy
  • …propositions?

Who's coming?

  1. japhy
  2. Michael
  3. …you?

Presentation/topic propositions for future

If you have something to present, discuss, show, or ask around about, but don't want to commit to a date yet – here's the place to do it. If you want to hear about something specific, add it here too - maybe there's someone here who can tell about it.

  1. A comparative analysis of Linux HA Solutions by Bernhard Miklautz
  2. Tier1 hardware - what is it good for after all? (Comparing the workhorse products from HP, IBM and Dell) - Michael Renner
  3. Agile Methods and DevOps - Scrum Teams and Operations (Tony)


A list of all users for quick reference

  • ... you? :>



  • Automated installation & configuration
    • Opscode Chef Ruby-based automated system configuration
    • Puppet Another Ruby-based automated system configuration
    • Fai Fully Automated Installer
    • Cobbler Rapid deployment system, script/pluggable infrastructure, python-based
    • The Foreman Provisioning and external Node classification for Puppet
  • Cloud
  • Deployment and control
    • Capistrano Remote multi-server automation tool (deployment)
    • MCollective Framework to build server orchestration or parallel job execution systems
    • Vertebra [1] Another job execution system, XMPP-based
    • ControlTier cross-platform build and deployment automation framework (job automation / infrastructure orchestration)
  • Continuous Integration & Testing
    • Hudson Continuous Integration server
    • Buildbot Another Continuous Integration server
    • Selenium Web application testing system
    • Cucumber Behaviour Driven Development testing tool
  • Documenting infrastructure
    • OCS-ng Inventory system + GLPI Asset Management
    • Ohai Detecting information (facts) about system
    • Facter Detecting information (facts) about system
    • puppet + facter + puppet-dashboard
    • SICE Kit A set of tools and templates designed for MediaWiki to aid people who maintain systems and infrastructure
  • Interpreter "sandboxes"
  • Misc
    • Grml Debian-based live CD
    • Mongrel2, a language-agnostic Web server
    • Augeas, a parsing config file editor
    • IT Cockpit, a user-friendly UI for configuring Nagios



  1. NexentaCore 3 ZFS Presentation & Workshop - David Gabriel

clickme: Presentation


  1. What's new in Perl 5.14? (Daxim)
  2. Opscode-hosted Chef stuff demo: cookbook repository, platform, … (japhy)


  1. Kanban in operations by Tony (Datei:Kanban and Devops.pdf)
  2. 5 Years Metalab discussion


  1. Cloud - is it good for anything? (japhy) slides


  1. Time management - basic ideas – japhy (based on the Time Management for System Administrators book)
  2. The Foreman - cyberkov, Provisioning and external Node classification for Puppet (Presentation from FOSDEM)


  1. Mongrel2 introduction by Lukas Fittl
  2. Grml fly-by by Christian Hofstädtler (slides)
  3. Plat_forms - The web development platform comparison


  • A 10 minute PostgreSQL crash course including Q&A for operations-relevant Stuff - Michael
  • A hopefully short and functional live presentation of my company's infrastructure User:b2c
    • Overview: puppet+dashboard, vmware, storage
    • live server deployment
    • automated tests
  • Free talk, show&tell, …

2010-11-23 Bootstrap meeting