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All Needles is an open group of people who meet weekly to work on needlework projects of all kinds (sewing, knitting, crocheting, embroidering,..).


We meet on Saturdays at 3pm either at Metalab's library or the main room (best to check our calendar for details).

We warmly invite you to drop by to:

  • work on your own projects in this circle of like-minded people
  • exchange tips and tricks or
  • ask for help with improving your own needlework skillz. :)

Btw. there is no reason to be shy: while some of us are quite the pro's at what they are doing, others have only just begun getting into a particular needlecraft!

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What All Needles is about

All Needles exists because we think it's waaaaay more fun to do needlework in a group instead of home alone and because it makes swapping knowledge and ideas with local people interested in the same/similar things super easy!

We are very happy to help anyone get better at their favourite needlecraft or to show you how to e.g. sew on a button (so that in the future, you can do it yourself).

What we're not about

Commissions. We aren't against commissions in general, but it's not one of our objectives as a group and we definitely do not appreciate you thinking of us as your personal tailors, seamstresses or fashion designers! If you really want to commission something (with proper renumeration, we would hope), please approach All Needle members individually about if they could see themselves working on your project. Thanks!

Past meetings

Our archive contains info on what happened so far (in German, for the most part).


We have an own mailing list for discussing All Needles-related stuff, which we encourage you to subscribe to if you're interested in our weekly meetings!

If you do not want to subscribe but would still like to get in touch with us, you can do so be e-mailing AN Mailadresse.png

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