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(Task ideas)
(Illumination/Lighting: DMX @ wikipedia)
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* primarily for main room
* primarily for main room
* controlled by DMX
* controlled by [[wen:Digital_Multiplex|DMX]]
=== Hallway ===
=== Hallway ===

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Task ideas

Tasks are being worked on by the architex within this week and will be discussed via this page with the metalab. This accumulation is in progress, and will be presented as a list of problems with solutions to be discussed.

Entrance Area

The entrance area is being worked on as demonstrated by Philip at the Charette; principally, the idea has been executed as a white opaque plexiglas ceiling that becomes a surface of colored light veins.

  • Empty and full crates for ClubMates etc are proposed to be used as light filters
  • Lockers for personal belongings and jackets are proposed to be designed and constructed


To install a functional ventilation is not a priority of our action, but as there are plenty of ideas, let's discuss this as part of the design.

  • Lounge
    The lounge is the official smoking room. Ventilation by opening the windows in not always practical. Proposal could be to install a proper ventilation tract from the lounge via the corridor through the happylab into the courtyard.

In all other areas, it seems sufficient to open windows.


  • see WhateverLab/Umbau
  • Floor decoration
  • Lighting
  • Furniture: workplaces/desks, storage/shelving, etc.


  • primarily for main room
  • controlled by DMX


  • Decoration or usage concepts for the long aisle between entrance and main room

Who are the architex from Kentucky

12 interior design and architecture students from the College of Design at the University of Kentucky on a semester abroad program in Europe. "Base camp" is Berlin.

  • Ben
  • Chelsea
  • George
  • Jennifer
  • Jamie
  • Sarah
  • Lena

Useful Links

These are links to pages on this wiki that help you to orient yourselves within the project terminology.


see also Location

Arcade ... amusement arcade, tabletop soccer
WhateverLab ... electronics, robotics (formerly known as HappyLab)
Machinery ... mechanical part of WhateverLab (bench vice, drilling, welding, lathe,...)
Chem ... chemical and photo lab
WC ... toilets
Bar+Küche ... kitchen
Medien ... media lab, (video and podcasting
Lounge ... smoking room, retro gaming
Haupraum ... main room
Biblothek ... library