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The Plan

Buy a multicolor 3D printer for metalab. To be installed/placed in a dust & dirt save/free environment at Metalab (Werkstatt). All Metalab Members who have passed the 3D Printer Test (much simpler and MUCH more fun than tests at school;) are allowed to use it for just the material costs (minimum amount of 50cents for very small things TM)

When it arrives we host a Pirate/3D Printing Party at Metalab and print whatever we want :) Bring your laptop to the party so you can model and print yourself :)

Finances Required to buy the printer (including shipping and taxes) 3,750USD Maybe they will give us 10% off if we say we are a cool european Hackerspace ;)

The Plan

Plan A

Plan B


Name Amount an user:wizard23 bezahlt?
Wizard23 €600
budischowsky €200
TomPeak €200
Harald €10
Jascha €20
Enki €30
YOU could own a 3D printer at metalab €?
Summe €1060