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The Plan

Buy a 3D printer for metalab. To be installed/placed in: 3D Scanner Room. All Metalab Members who have passed the 3D Printer Test (much simpler and MUCH more fun than tests at school;) are allowed to use it for just the material costs (minimum amount 20cents for very small things TM)

The Model: Mendel90

Order and Assembly will be be done by wizard23 @ metalab as soon as we have the required funds (see below).

Finances Required to buy the printer:

  • Printer (499 gbp): 615 Eur (excl Ust) , 738 Eur (incl 20% Ust)
  • Shipping (35 gbp): 43 Eur (incl 20% Ust)
  • Total: 781 Eur (incl 20% Ust)
  • Total: 660 EUR (Metalab gets a special price because the kit designer is a fan of OpenSCAD (the complete Mendel90 design is made in OpenSCAD, check out the source, now!))


Name Amount an metalab bezahlt?
naxx €50
prikle €50
wizard23 €50 - Assembly Hero (6.6.)
metachris €30 (6.6.)
overflo €50 Assembly Hero i.A. (wir mussten seine Kiste pluendern weil ich vergessen hatte gaffer zu kaufen) @chris bitte von w23 holen da im moment beschaeftigt und nicht im lab
simonrepp €20
anlumo €50 - Assembly Liege
clifford €50
luto €25
Herbert €50 - Assembly Hero (6.6.)
Hetti €20 - Assembly Hero (6.6.)
cygenb0ck €30 - Assembly Hero (6.6.)
mind €30
A €30 Krank - sobald auskuriert
Pepi €50
leyrer €50
Kewagi €20 - Loetbefreit (ärztliches Attest liegt im core schrank)
Grawu €20 - Assembly Hero
Queltos €0 - Assembly Hero
nex €0 - Assembly Hero
mika €50 - Assembly Super Hero (6.6.)
Gem €20