2010-01-14 Homewreckery

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Version vom 10. Januar 2010, 21:29 Uhr von Kay (Diskussion | Beiträge) (looks like I *will* be able to attend starting 7pm :D)
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Start hacking wearable materials by creating an awesome fabric light bright!

A workshop with eli skipp (26c3 talk)


attendees (≤ 12 persons)

  1. Georg
  2. Antifuchs
  3. kay
  4. citizen428
  5. + Paola
  6. Ella
  7. Karla
  8. Stefanie
  9. max (c.t.)
  10. stefan
  11. Maybe you?

alas, I can't attend

  • (interested, but cannot attend if this is held in the evening of Jan 14: Dan)