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Altering fans, televisions, and other everyday appliances, converting their functions into something utterly different, UMEDA creates objets freed from their original meanings. His works, created to suit the spaces in which they will be installed, use utterly familiar, commonplace phenomena, channeled through his clever handiness and unique spatial sensibility, to create mysterious, seemingly impossible sensations. They thereby free one from rigid perceptions constrained by preconceived ideas.

Tetsuya Umeda: Tetsuya Umeda is an artist currently working in Osaka, Japan. He has done several sound installation projects and performance that generates site-specific soundscape using minimal function of electric circuit/system and simple physical phenomena. Umeda has been performed in Festival Beyond Innocence, an experimental music festival in Japan, since 2002. In 2006, he performed in internationally acclaimed underground music event, INSTAL, in Scotland, UK. He also has been participated installation/exhibition project; in 2006, he participated the London-based residency program, The Listening Project. in 2007, participated the exhibition program, Sound Effect Seoul, and stayed in San Francisco for one month for his Waitool Sounds project. Web: siranami.com

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