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What is the Google Developer Group?

GDG Vienna
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GDG Vienna
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Google-Entwicklungstools, Google APIs, Google Programmiersprachen (Dart, Go), allgemeine Diskussion.
HelmuthB, Gerwin, Marc, Kariem
Jeden letzten Dienstag im Monat.
Alle interessierten Entwickler, technisch versierte User.
Zuletzt aktualisiert: 19.10.2016

The Google Developer Group GDG Vienna (previously GTUG Vienna) is a group for people interested in using or developing with Google technologies. We meet in the evenings on last or next-to-last Tuesday of each month. Sometimes we have bigger events like hackathons and we're generally interested in finding new formats of events. We're not affiliated with Google, nor are we a Google fan club. Hacks and critisim are very welcome! We're constantly looking for local developers to speak on our meetups. If you work on the project that you think could be interesting to share with others, feel free to come over and talk about it!

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