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  • Document all changes, updates, etc.
    • Changes are currently documented to the best of our ability. Anyone suggesting a "better way" will have to demonstrate the magical power of changing people's behaviour(tm) first
    • It's a reminder for best practice, not a personal offense, please do not consider the encouragement to do documentation AT ALL as the latter henceforth. I never did criticize how it was done or suggested it be done in $TBDsuperior way. Pepi
  • Update Mediawiki to the current release
    • WTF are you on about? We are tracking git and missing _one_ point release that has no security relevant changes. hop
    • I didn't mean to offend anyone! I just started drafting and hoped for contributions also in regard this could become a general list of maintenance tasks. Sorry if I didn't make that idea clear in the first place. Web applications that are up-to-date are awesome! Pepi
  • Update Apache to 2.2.26 (current as of 2013-11-19) or switch to nginx
    • Why??? hop
    • If we (do|need to) update, we might as well use the current release. Benefit of upgrading to 2.2.24: TLS Compression can be turned off to mitigate the CRIME Attack. Upgrading to 2.2.26 would allow the use of ECC keys and ECDH ciphers. ECDH is the only way to get forward secrecy in Internet Explorer since it does not support EDH/DHE. If that is back ported to 2.2.22 in Debian (Squeeze?), please add this information and reasoning why that release is ok for the moment! Pepi