Air Quality Egg

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Air Quality Egg
Gestartet: 25.03.2013
Involvierte: Anlumo, Vierlex (only updated firmware)
Status: active
Beschreibung: Gadget which measures a variety of stuff floating in the air.
Zuletzt aktualisiert: 2018-11-05


A wild Air Quality Egg appears! – Thanks to Martin we now have a fully well equipped egg which measures all kinds of stuff (NO2, dust, temperature, relative humidity, and VOC). It is equipped with 2 Arduinos and it's fully hackable.

Reachable through our LAN under You can look at shiny readings at and for time graphs on Xively (formerly known as Pachube and Cosm)

High NO2 readings

The software is still buggy, Vierlex tried updating the firmware (SVN: 2013-06-01) of all the boards (which is quite tedious) but the NO2 readings are still way too high.

This is mainly what has been done but there is still this error in the updating progress which one does not know if it is to be ignored or not.


If you are interested in trying to fix this thing, here are some resources: